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Category: Industry Information Editor: Changxin Technology Views: 338 Date: 2021-01-18

With the rapid improvement of domestic intelligent technology level, highly automated and highly intelligent equipment has become the development direction of the processing and manufacturing industry. Jewelry equipment is no exception. Bracelet batching equipment has a series of advantages such as improved production efficiency, good reliability, and high technical content. In order to make jewelry processing enterprises become more efficient, the technology reform of bracelet batching is on the rise, and the intelligent upgrade of jewelry equipment has become a top priority.


In recent years, the domestic intelligent jewelry processing industry has been advancing all the way. From the perspective of equipment technology patent inventions, since 2013, the number of domestic jewelry equipment technology patent applications has ushered in an explosive increase. The related technologies of welding and forming technology have a certain penetration rate in the market. The batching technology of bracelet equipment that will be launched in 2019 is even more proud of the Chinese people. The 13-axis bracelet batching machine independently developed by Changxin Technology. This equipment applies advanced intelligent technologies such as visual recognition and automatic G code conversion. The processing efficiency is 3-5 times that of traditional batching processing, which effectively liberates manual labor. The production process is simplified and the processing efficiency is improved. The most innovative technology of this equipment is embodied in the automatic recognition of Cad format patterns and automatic conversion into G code formula output, which improves the flexible production capacity of the bracelet. Although the domestic intelligent jewellery equipment technology has developed rapidly, the development of the domestic jewellery equipment industry is still slightly behind compared with the internationally developed countries. The distance of international jewelry equipment technology, therefore, for domestic jewelry equipment research and development enterprises, it is necessary to completely transform the existing development model, adjust the industrial structure, increase the research and development of intelligent technology, and drive the technological improvement of the jewelry processing industry.

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