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Intelligent automatic chain buckle machine carries the future of jewelry processing industry
Category: Company dynamics Editor: Changxin Technology Views: 274 Date: 2021-01-18

Intelligent automatic jewelry equipment refers to jewelry products that can be automatically operated by machines under the operation of unmanned intervention according to the set procedures. This is already a common industrial automation processing equipment. In the jewelry processing industry, automation and intelligence The result of the combination is the automatic chain buckle machine, which has already triggered an upsurge of innovation, which carries the future of the jewelry processing industry.

The automatic chain buckle machine follows the preface of the automatic intelligent technology of jewelry, and realizes the process of automatic feeding, welding and buckling of the bead chain. The two processes are combined into one, which simplifies the process and greatly shortens the production while maintaining quality and quantity. Cycle, save labor costs to the greatest extent, improve product quality, and make a huge contribution to the Buddhist bead chain processing industry.

The automatic chain buckle machine solves the two most difficult processes in the processing of the bead chain and frees people from heavy manual labor. A more magical function is that it can mix chain buckles, not just single beads or olives. Bead buckle chain, automatic chain buckle machine has realized the automatic chain buckle of round beads and olive beads or round pipes and diamond-shaped workpieces. The buckle mode, length, automatic cutting, and automatic operation of the equipment can be set on the computer side of the equipment without manual labor. participate.

The birth of the automatic chain buckle machine has witnessed the transformation and upgrading of the jewelry processing industry. The advanced welding chain buckle technology has realized modern industrial digitalization, automation and intelligent production and manufacturing, and has become an important guarantee for the high efficiency, precision, scale and safety of the jewelry processing industry. Innovative technology is favored by jewelry processing enterprises, and purchase introduction has become a necessary and important strategic plan for enterprise development.


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