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The automatic butt welding machine has welding protection for the gold bead chain
Category: Company dynamics Editor: Changxin Technology Views: 348 Date: 2021-01-18

The gold bead chain is a high-end jewelry luxury item. Because gold is a rare metal and has a higher density than iron, copper and other metals, it requires multiple repeated processes to make it. It must be beautiful while maintaining its beauty. The protection of raw materials prevents wear and tear during processing. Especially in the welding process, more attention is needed. In response to the situation, the birth of the automatic welding machine has a welding protection effect on the gold beads chain.

The automatic butt welding machine uses advanced ionization technology to heat and dissolve the metal to avoid the volatility during the welding process, which leads to the reduction of raw materials. As we all know, the profit of jewelry processing lies in the exchange of the same weight of gold. Processing costs, short or short of catties will become a serious loss, so jewelry processing enterprises will consider this problem the first time when choosing welding equipment.

When welding, the automatic butt welding machine uses the voltage between the two poles and the workpiece in the air flow medium to produce a strong and long-lasting discharge heating phenomenon, a large amount of resistance heat of intensity, and a high temperature of 10,000 degrees are instantly focused, concentrated on one point, and the two objects are solidified Together, the welding point is stronger than conventional welding. Because it is heated and solidified, there is no chemical volatilization reaction during the welding process, which not only guarantees the beauty of the workpiece, but also ensures the sufficient quantity of the workpiece.


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