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Jewelry automatic chain buckle machine presses the accelerator button for the development of bead chain processing
Category: Industry Information Editor: Changxin Technology Views: 319 Date: 2021-01-18

Why do so many people like to wear the golden buddha chain? The reason is that gold is a rare metal, and the material is precious, which leads to the high price of the gold bead chain. The development of technology and the increasing technology. The processing of the gold bead chain is converted to equipment manufacturing, and the styles are diverse. A variety of patterns can appear on the chain, all of which are due to the credit of the automation equipment. Nowadays, the golden bead chain can be automatically welded to the chain, which can press the accelerator key for the processing and development of the bead chain.

Golden Buddha bead chains are no longer as simple as glossy. Single round beads, olive beads, cylinders, and water chestnut workpieces can be processed with patterns of various textures through batching. The textures will last for a lifetime and emit golden light under the light. Shining is more dazzling and noble. For people with religious beliefs, adding six-character mantras and other Buddhist scriptures to the bead chain makes it more meaningful to wear the gold bead chain.

After the appropriation, the process of welding the buckle chain is faced. The welding is very sophisticated. It can not affect the pattern on the surface of the workpiece, but also to ensure its firmness. The chain buckle is required. These two processes are simple to say, but they are not. It is quite difficult, and it is a magical and ingenious process to combine the two processes into one. Now, after years of research and development by Shangtech engineers, the automatic chain buckle machine is finally born.

The automatic chain buckle machine can automatically weld and buckle the workpiece, and can set the mixed buckle through the program, and the mixed buckle and chain welding of round beads and olive beads or other shapes of workpieces. The length of the single chain can be set according to the needs and the running process Without manual participation, automatic feeding and buckle welding, which greatly saves labor, and one person can take care of multiple devices at the same time. The automatic chain buckle machine provides strong support to promote the high-quality development of the jewelry manufacturing industry.


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