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Talking about the structure and function of cnc scimitar batching machine
Category: Company dynamics Editor: Changxin Technology Views: 333 Date: 2021-01-18

When gold beads are displayed in front of us, they look similar at first glance. If you carefully taste the patterns, you will discover very different meanings and profound meanings. How these fine textures are carved on the surface of the gold beads What? It is very difficult to engrave by hand. It takes many years of veteran craftsmen to make a 360-degree rotation of flowers. If it is an art, it belongs to a culture, but as a commercial value, it must be efficient. With the development of automation technology, gold beads chain batching is realized by equipment. Today, let's talk about the structure and function of CNC scimitar batching machine.

The cnc scimitar batching machine is an engraving and cutting machine that supports data input mode. It has five-axis linkage processing. It has double-head single-ball automatic feeding batching. It can be used for straight knife, scimitar and R knife. One-time completion, diversified self-editing of flower shapes, starting and ending, multi-axis linkage for drawing the bottom, completing an innovative craft that cannot be achieved manually, and the edited pattern can be stored on the touch screen, making the operation easier and more convenient.


Equipped with ventilation and cooling devices in the chassis, you can also set the time to suspend operation and enter sleep mode without affecting the process operation. This brings a certain protection function to the continuous operation of the equipment for 24 hours, and avoids the failure of the equipment caused by overheating caused by long-term operation , To ensure smooth processing, obtain better processing results, and create the maximum production cycle for the enterprise. The humanized design of the cnc elbow turning machine is designed to protect the interests of the enterprise from loss.


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