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Huizhou Changxin Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional jewelry machinery manufacturing enterprise integrating R & D and production. The company is committed to R & D and production of jewelry machinery and equipment of the whole production line of Italian technology, as well as the development of peripheral jewelry automation equipment and mold accessories. It constantly promotes more advanced and more stable products. Focusing on jewelry machinery, creating high-quality products and providing timely after-sales service "is the company's development philosophy. The company adheres to the business tenet of" quality first, customer first, quality prospering and excellence winning ", and provides new and old customers with professional high-quality products and services.

2006 y
Time of incorporation
Production plant area
1000 +
Cooperative enterprise
Core Values
Quality first / Innovation first / Collaboration and win-win
Company Vision
Become a world-renowned manufacturer of jewelry processing equipment
Company Mission
Make gold and silver jewelry processing easier
Company Culture
Responsible for integrity / perseverance and courage / pragmatic unity
15 years of focusImprove efficiency
Solve labor cost, simplify production process, improve efficiency and stabilize quality
Improve efficiency
Improve efficiency
The R&D core of Changxin Technology aims to solve traditional labor efficiency problems. One machine can replace five skilled masters, saving labor costs.
Precise and intelligent
Precise and intelligent
Traditional handicrafts can no longer meet the diversified needs of the market. Automated equipment is meticulously crafted and the carving process is more precise.
Ensure safety
Ensure safety
R&D engineers always put the inspection safety issues in the first consideration, so that hidden dangers disappear completely.
One-stop manufacturer of jewelry processing equipment automation



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